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Sunday, 14 February 2021


February 14, 2021


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About adnow

Hello friends we are talking about our new network which is adnowthis is a one of the alternative of Google AdSense which is used for website hair this network provide you native ads advertisement there are some very good monetization option and payment of option let me talk

Payment option

Adnow provided us variety of payment option like PayPal,wedmoney,wire transfe etc. Here is a minimum payout of $20 in future they increase or decrease not depend on my you can also get weekly payment from AD now you get it faster payment as soon as possible.


According to my experience there is no hard to you want as your side but it is not also easy takenmind if you have websitewith good quality content then they give you approval as soon as possible you can talk from his support team also

My I advised

if you have no Google AdSense approval then you can try it this work with Google AdSense also if another case you can check it and take a support team help this is a good network very soon we provide you payment proof and all the important detail about it

Shining off good day

Thursday, 14 January 2021

alternative Google Play

January 14, 2021

Play Store Google alternative

Today we are here to discuss about Google Play Store alternative. this is a very necessary to use alternative method of Google Play. because Play Store wants money to public app this is a one time investment but some new users of app developer have no money to to publish their app on Play Store.s we are hair to know about uptodown

Uptodown  this is the best alternative. because there is no need of any money. your app is published a world wide. you don't need of any type of app. You only need APK and upload your app to uptodown now talk about process of uploading....

1. You need to make developers account in uptodown this is a very easy process go and make your developer account in store then next step.

2. Adobe homepage you to get add new app option. you click on that option and add your app. you want some information like description and many more about your app. feel all the details and at the last upload your app and publish it.

 3. Uploading app is too easy. only you need to browse your app from your store of phone or PC when you click on your app you have a option of Android and IOS select the option which your app belong after selecting upload you get the best experience.

Stay connected with us you want any type of ad network and any type of help you can comment we work and give you result as soon as possible

Better ad network for website

January 14, 2021

Ad network for website


We know that there is there is many ad network. for website and blog but this is very important to choose better one. for that we talk in this post.

Whenever we choose ad network. we have a confusion which type of ad is better for more earning and user experience is very good. so you can choose banner ad and institutional ad because this is is best ad format in that time this give you a best user experience and more impression to increase earning.

Whenever we want to choose ad network take three things in your mind

1. CPM

2. CPC

3. CPA

CPM this is a very important factor. because whenever you got more CPM rate you earn more without any losses of traffic. you don't need any types of click and action from user on ad just your ad show on your website and you earn a money.

CPC this year format is also very good because you get up to $10-250 dollar. on one click but there is no necessary you got more earning from click. because user of website is is not wants to click on any ad but Google ad is very  high CPC ad this give you better user experience. That's why you get more click and earning is a higher.

CPA this format is not for everyone. if you want to use CPA format you want to learn affiliate marketing. because CPA give you big amount but you got most traffic is action taking then you on lot.

Whenever you want to choose ad network you can try Google AdSense,, infolink, propellerad


Sunday, 10 January 2021

#Find my device

January 10, 2021

Find my device


This app is provided by Google. this help you to protect your device from lost. you can also get your device with the help of map provided by Google can see your location of the device and many more.

If you want to locate your device location you can access your data of your device weather as you have lost and ever you need to lock your device you can lock from find my device app this is very useful app for users who want to protect start.

This app is totally free you can download from Play Store easily you got this app for iPhone and Android both you can use in that device if you any e problem you can share your problem in YouTube you got your answer

This device is work on Google server that's why I your all information is safe you can access your mobile location and how much mobile aur phone your charge you can also see current Network operator.

If you want you can delete your data from your phone and copy that data to another phone you can rest your phone from another phone operator by using find my app.

Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Es File explorer

December 29, 2020

Es File explorer

Today we talked about the ES File explorer. ES File explorer is a tool which is very useful for Android user. This give You superpower in a file management.You can Do anything from this application. Like HTML editing PDF 5 editing and more. You can also access any type of file in this file explorer.
whenever you need to compress file you can compress in this application. This give you option to compress file and export in old version. You can also choose a password locking in this application. You can also make a app into APK.

This is very important but not for a developer this give you 2 power of storing file in trace. You can also so it files. Which are not supported in other file manager.

This is a one of the best application. Which is provided by the developer of Android. Now we can use all type of HTML editing in Android. There is a many more function.

This is a free tool which are provided you can also get as a premier app.Which give you more power editing. Now we can get from only e.on Chrome because this is ban on Play Store. Search on Google easy File explorer you get your APK download it.

Thank you

Google analytics

December 29, 2020

 Google analytics

Today now we are start talk about Google analytics. It is provided by Google. For free everyone can use it for website monitoring. It gives power to develop or to know about his side performance. Like how many peoples asking.

There is many way to use. But one of the major way is real time traffic. You can see real-time user on your website. Who are coming and where is from there are many type of tool are provided by the Google. But this one is very important.

This can also provide you the CPM rate. In your Google AdSense. How many impression are done by your account. This can also find the unique visitor of the day. Lifetime whenever you have a problem you can check the visitor performance.

This tool help us how to make a professional website and blogger.

We are not able to to use this whenever we get knowledge about Google analytics we know how to use it if you have any problem you can contact us for Telegram my ID is @teckwithansh 

Thank you

Thursday, 24 December 2020

Yllix CPA ad network

December 24, 2020

Yllix ad network

Welcome we are talked about yllix ad network here is no need any type of approval you just only need one website or blogger 

  • Banner ad 
  • Pop up ad  
  • Directlink 
  • Pus notification 
without approval you just go and sign up make account and get code paste this code in your blogger or website after some minute it showing automatically ad on your website or blog this is a very easy and fastest way to earn

But note one thing this network is CPA ,CPC and CPM here cost
  • CPM up to 7$ from USA
  • CPC up to 10$ from USA
  • CPA up to 65$ from USA

You get low CPM but whenever user click on ad and download aur fill up of detail you get higher revenue

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